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Jefferson Tester

Professor Jefferson W. Tester

Principle Investigator

Contact Information

jwt54 at

Academic Background

Proctor & Gamble Fellow
Hertz Foundation Fellow
Los Alamos National Laboratory Post-Doctoral Fellow
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, MIT, 1971
M.S. Chemical Engineering, Cornell University, 1967
B.S. Chemical Engineering, Cornell University, 1966

Recent Publications

  1. Frey, K., M. Modell, and J.W. Tester, "Density-and-temperature-dependent volume translation for the SRK EOS: 2. Mixtures," Fluid Phase Equilibria, 343, 13-23, April 2013.
  2. Carr, A.G., and J.W. Tester, "Prediction of the solubility of quartz in salt solutions from 25 degrees C to 900 degrees C using the 3-parameter Non-Random Two-Liquid (NRTL) model," Fluid Phase Equilibria 337, 288-297, Jan. 2013.
  3. Johnson, M.C., and J.W. Tester, "Lipid transformation in hydrothermal processing of whole algal cells," Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 52, 32, 10988-10995, Aug 2013.
  4. Patwardhan, P.R., M.T. Timko, C.A. Class, R.E. Bonomi, Y. Kida, H.H. Hernandez, J.W. Tester, and W.H. Green, "Supercritical water desulfurization of organic sulfides is consistent with free-radical kinetics," Energy Fuels 27, 6108-6117, 2013.
  5. Fox, D.B., D. Sutter, K.F. Beckers, M.Z. Lukawski, D.L. Koch, B.J. Anderson, and J.W. Tester, "Sustainable heat farming: Modeling extraction and recovery in discretely fractured geothermal reservoirs," Geothermics 46, 42-54 (2013).
  6. Sills, D.L., V. Paramita, M.J. Franke, M.C. Johnson, T.M. Akabas, C.H. Greene, and J.W. Tester, "Quantitative uncertainty analysis of life cycle assessment for algal biofuel production," Env. Sci. Technol. 47 (2), 687-694 (2013).
  7. Luterbacher, J.S., Q. Chew, Y. Li, J.W. Tester, and L.P. Walker, "Producing concentrated solutions of monosaccharides using biphasic CO2-H2O mixtures," Energy Environ. Sci., 5, 6990-7000 (2012).
  8. Luterbacher, J.S., J.W. Tester, and L.P. Walker, "Two-temperature stage biphasic CO2-H2O pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass at high solid loadings," Biotechnology and Bioengineering 109 (6), 1499-1507, June 2012
  9. Tester, J.W., "Lessons learned from energy use in the US," Energy Environ. Sci. 4 (10) 3729-3730 (2011).
  10. Fox, D.B., D. Sutter, and J.W. Tester, "The thermal spectrum of low-temperature energy use in the United States," Energy Environ. Sci. 4 (10), 3731-3740 (2011).