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Geothermal Resource Assessment

Researcher: Tim Reber, Elaina Shope, George Stutz
Principal Investigator: Professor Jefferson Tester

Our research aims to draw a more complete picture of geothermal resources in the United States, specifically in the Eastern United States, by taking into account the potential for lower grade resources, in particular conduction-dominated Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS). By using both archived and current well data (primarily temperature and depth), coupled with a detailed knowledge of the characteristics of geologic strata in areas of interest, we hope to create a higher resolution model of heat flow and temperature gradients in the subsurface that can be used along with other geologic characteristics and regional information, such as in situ stresses, proximity to demand for both electricity and thermal energy and needed infrastructure and, to identify economically promising areas for development of EGS and other geothermal systems.